Information system for Nuclear Receptors

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Welcome to the NucleaRDB

The NucleaRDB is a molecular-class information system that collects, combines, validates and stores large amounts of heterogenous data on Nuclear Hormone Receptors (NHRs). The NucleaRDB contains data on sequences, ligand binding constants and mutations. In addition, many different types of computationally derived data are stored such as multiple sequence alignments and homology models. The NucleaRDB is designed to be a data storage medium, as well as a tool to aid biomedical scientists with answering questions by offering a single point of access to many types of data that are integrated and visualized in a user-friendly way. Although most parts of the NucleaRDB are self-explanatory, if you have not used this resource before we advice you to take a look at the usage page.

We advice you to take a look at the:

- updates page to see what has changed and what is new
- usage page to make sure you will quickly find your way

Current version: 11.7.1

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