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An Information System for Nuclear Receptors

April 2005 release (5.0)
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Target Specific Seminars in Drug Discovery. Benchmarking New Approaches, Strategies and Technologies in Drug Discovery

Quick links

Sequence information

  1. List of Swiss-Prot & TrEMBL entries (sorted by ID, family or organism)
  2. Database cross-references for sequences and fragments
  3. Multiple sequence alignments and other sequence-derived data sorted per family
  4. cDNAs and protein-cDNA pairwise alignments
  5. Phylogenetic trees
  6. List of the potential Nuclear Localization Signals for the nuclear receptors
  7. Structural information
  8. 2D structure data
  9. Structural alignment of the LBDs
  10. Description of 3D structures with useful annotations (data collected by Simon Folkertsma, CMBI)
  11. List of PDB files available (data mainly extracted from the Swiss-Prot entries)
  12. NRSAS: Nuclear Receptor Structure Analysis Servers
  13. Mutation data
  14. Mutation data extracted from the literature by text mining
  15. The Nuclear Receptor Mutation Database (NRMD)
  16. Genetic information
  17. Chromosomal location of nuclear receptor genes
  18. Information on binding partners:
  19. Data on dimers
  20. Data on ligands
  21. Data on co-modulators
  22. Data on DNA targets

Useful tools and links:


  1. Blast your sequence against the NucleaRDB at the CMBI (Select the NucleaRDB in the list of protein databases)
  2. Flo's query system to easily find your favorite entry.
  3. NucleaRDB Query system (Under 'permanent' development).
  4. Useful information resources

Other information:

  1. Articles written by the NucleaRDB participants
  2. Other information relevant to nuclear receptors (meetings, links, addresses, ...)
  3. Information about the data (DB content, Updates, FTP access, ...)
  4. How to cite the NucleaRDB

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