Welcome To NRSAS: The Nuclear Receptor Structure Analysis Servers

Click on one of the classes in the left side column to activate those servers.
You can also read the help page, or you can read about the output formats used by all servers. We also made one page with notes for people who want to make their own servers.

W A R N I N G. Results are only kept on this server for two (2) hours. This is mainly a safety feature, but also saves us disk space.

If you have detected any errors, or have any question or suggestion,please send us a mail,
Roland Krause, Jens Erik Nielsen, Emmanuel Bettler, Gert Vriend,
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Server classes

  1. Help
  2. Administration
  3. Build/check/repair model
  4. Structure validation
  5. Analyse a residue
  6. Protein analysis
  7. 2-D graphics
  8. 3-D graphics
  9. Hydrogen (bonds)
  10. Accessibility
  11. Atomic contacts
  12. Coordinate manipulations
  13. Rotamer related
  14. Cysteine related
  15. Water
  16. Ions
  17. Docking
  18. Crystal symmetry
  19. Mutation prediction
  20. Other options

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