A Molecular Specific Information System for Prion proteins
August 2005 release (3.0)

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Quick links
Primary and secondary data on Prion proteins:
Sequence information
List of Swiss-Prot & TrEMBL entries (sorted by ID, family or organism)
Database cross-references for sequences and fragments
Multiple sequence alignments and other sequence-derived data sorted per family
cDNAs and protein-cDNA pairwise alignments
Phylogenetic trees
Structural information
List of PDB files available (data mainly extracted from the Swiss-Prot entries)
Genetic information
Chromosomal location of prion genes
Mutation data
Mutation data extracted from the literature by text mining

Useful tools and links:

Flo's query system to easily retrieve an entry.
Other information:
Information about the data (DB content, Updates, FTP access, ...)
How to cite the PrionDB

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